About us

UNIQUE VOLLEY – because there is no one else like YOU!

Our Mission

We make sure that the transition from being “student athlete ” to “professional player” is as smooth and meaningful as possible. Unique will be supportive and protective with you in this long or short career path that you chose to follow.

Being a commited agency, we don’t just place our players to the team, we actually prioritize the dreams and needs of our athletes and their families.

Combined our international network and knowledge of volleyball world we try to build together the best path for our student athletes to pursue their dream of becoming professional volleyball players.


Our Differences

Unique strives for « dream big » through professionalism commitment and sincerity of a unique relationship.

Our team who have been on both sides of the “world”, a student athlete and played on high level professionally, follow the same unique vision : care for you and help you live that amazing experience of living your passion.

We know that not everyone will be the world champion but we believe that the path is as meaningful as the destination and in this we believe everyone has a unique way to thrive through his career.


 Only YOU have UNIQUE characteristics of a player, only YOU have UNIQUE set of  skills to play the sport you love. – Unique Volley agency