Our services

Unique Volley Agency is a truly integrated agency, with the staff of agents, who once have been high level professional volleyball players, talent scouts, legal advisors and personal training coaches. With a strong international presence and work ethics, we have created opportunities in various leagues for our athletes to be awarded by meaningful contracts.

Career Guidance

Our team, after talking to you about your dreams and goals, will create with you a plan of career that make those dreams come true. Our established trustworthy relationships with clubs around the world will make sure your volleyball path is as successful as you have imagined.

Client representation

Unique way of thinking: imagine if you have your lawyer combine with a friend that follow you along your volleyball journey. We are here to protect, guide, help and represent you in every way possible during your career.

Contract negotiation and renegotiation

Unique volley agency will use their skills and experience to get the best possible deal to ensure your financial security and personal well being.

Marketing and endorsements

We are helping our athletes to create their image in and build their own UNIQUE brand.

Legal and financial consultancy
Our team has knowledge of laws of the leagues that we work in. We protect our clients from different situations that can appear during your career ( injury, illegal breaking of the contract, payments issue).
Personal training

Your body is your temple. Health and staying in shape are the keys to a successful lasting career. Let’s do a checkup together and make a plan for you the be in the best shape of your life to succeed. Want to go deeper into that : Get in touch with our personal trainer to build your body for your career.